Monday, June 4, 2012

Blooming and Bolting

Wow, that was fast. The arugula started bolting. Seems like it happened over night. I had no idea they had such beautiful flowers!

And here's an onion starting to bloom. It's large enough to dig up now, but I think we're supposed to wait for the stalks to start dying off, right?

And the corn...

Growing well and we've started watering them with compost tea. But I'm concerned. The older/larger plants are starting to get some yellow and I think it's the dirt. We're not over watering. But the first year we tried this, we had some really nice soil. This time, we just used whatever we had around the yard (old bags of potting soil, used soil from other pots, even some garden soil... all mixed with some of the compost we made). The roots are already coming out the bottom of the containers. Anyway, I'll keep up the compost tea and hope that helps.

Oh, and in the background there behind the corn you can see the pumpkin bed with a row of young sunflowers.


  1. Your garden is looking great! You want to cut the flowers off the onions so that the nutrients don't go to sustaining them and instead go in to growing your onions underground.

  2. Don't you hate it when stuff bolts so quickly? About the corn. Nitrogen deficiency? Maybe some blood meal?

    1. Good idea. I have some blood meal, I think, so I'll sprinkle a little in there. Compost tea doesn't seem to be working...