Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now what?

Ok, so my last post may have been a bit misleading. It turns out that we do have some seeds already growing:

Yes, our house-sitters managed to spill some water on the counter while we were on vacation (they must not have noticed as we still had a nice puddle when we returned) and by the time we got back the water had soaked an envelope holding 4 peas of some sort that one of our kids brought home from school.

Now, here's the question. What do we do with these things? They're growing like weeds in the kitchen, but they're already too tall and we don't really have a sheltered/sunny place outside to plant them. Ideas?


  1. You should buy an aerogarden! I have several, and buy the master gardener kits, which lets me grow snow peas and bean plants and herbs indoors all winter long, then transplant them to the big outside garden in early spring. I absolutely love my aerogardens.

  2. Oh, yes, and if you are willing to pollinate the plants in the aerogarden with a paintbrush, you will actually get vegetables you can use in a salad. We had snowpeas we grew in our aerogarden this winter in our salad last night. If you want, I'll send you pictures.