Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Pressure!

I've been delving into lots of gardening blogs lately and the common theme I'm picking up is that most people seem to have a plan already for what they want to plant, when, and how.

That's, uh, not really how we roll...

But now I'm feeling that pressure. I'm asking myself why I don't have a plan for what we'll plant. I feel seed packet envy! I feel like time is running out and I better plant stuff or else!

Of course, it's still January, and I think we'll be ok waiting a month or two.

(It doesn't help that our neighbors just came home with a bunch of seeds...)

Once we get the planting boxes rebuilt, we should more sqfts and, probably at least as important, the ones we have will be better organized with regard to light/soil/etc. We have a place set aside for the taller/vine-ier stuff so they won't block out as much sun, for example.

We have a huge pile of compost and I'm eager to see how this stuff works as it's our first that's got chicken manure as a main ingredient.

I'm hoping that my new-found interest in photography will mesh well with gardening.

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