Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We'll never keep bees.

Bees are the logical "next step" for many folks looking for sustainable ways to grow and eat local.

But bees scare me. This can be an issue if my daughters are around. My vanity insists that they NOT see me run screaming from the yard, arms flailing around my head every time a honeybee comes near the garden. So I remain calm and stoic while I find an excuse to go get something in the garage.

I keep reading about (and meeting) people taking up bee keeping. It seems a perfect companion to gardening and even raising a few urban chickens. In fact, it's a trend gaining in popularity, much like urban chickens and victory gardens. And even the White House is getting in on the action.

But we'll never keep bees.


  1. Fellow homesteader, new to your blog. I am allergic to bees - carry an epi-pen at all times, but I am a huge advocate of beekeeping and have 12 hives now. I do 4-H and community outreach on beekeeping trying to convince folks who feel the same as you about all the benefits of bees, and educating about misinformation that leads to fear of these wonderful insects. I'd be thrilled if you would check out my blog and my families' adventures in beekeeping before you totally rule it out altogether. :) Just one request for another look before you decide it's truly not for you.

  2. Will absolutely check out your blog. I love reading about people's beekeeping stories.