Friday, June 19, 2009

Chicken Sitting

We're off to New Hampshire for my sister's wedding and this will be the first time since we brought home the little peeps in January that we'll be away. Our nextdoor neighbors are doing the chicken sitting. They have chickens, so really, we're in good hands and we'll be able to return the favor next time they head out on vacation.

Since their chickens aren't laying yet (should be soon though!), they will get to enjoy the fresh eggs laid while we're gone.

Still, the chickens will be stuck in their run the whole week (we let them roam around in the back yard when we're home). Even though I know they'll survive, I can't help feel bad for them. We'll have to have some good treats for them when we return.

CheepersV is now 19 weeks old, so it's entirely possible that she'll start laying while we're gone.

It'll be interesting to see how my relatives act when we finally see them in person. I'm sure there was some eye rolling when they found out about the birds earlier. We're not typically "fad" followers, so we'll probably get some good-natured ribbing for that.


  1. It was very hard to find anyone willing to take on our chickens the first few times we were away. Once they found out that they would get over two dozen fresh eggs in a long weekend of chicken sitting, our regular sitters always volunteer now!

  2. If only it was as easy to find a good babysitter! :)