Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now _That's_ an Egg!

Trusty Mowhawk laid a huge egg today. This sucker is much larger than our store bought eggs and positively dwarfs the usual eggs our hens lay. Behold!

The picture shows the two brown eggs we got from the birds this morning, and one store bought extra large egg we had in the fridge. Wow!

Things have changed since we installed our little window in the coop. The hens used to avoid the nesting box end of the roost, so the box stayed clean(er) and things were nice. But now, with the window in, they like to stay on the other end of the roost so they can look out the window (I'm guessing) which means lots of droppings in the egg box. Bleh.

The plan is to put in a nicer/reconfigured perch when we return from vacation. More on that, later.


  1. Once in a while our girls give us a "hugie" too. And I always think - OW!

  2. Exactly! I was looking to see if poor Mohawk was waddling more than usual today. She seems ready to go, though. Any idea what causes the occasional gigantic egg?

  3. When we get them, they are usually double-yolkers. But not always. I just like to think some of our girls are overachievers.