Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Project: Leak Fixing

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that the ground over by the valves for the new sprinklers stayed wet all the time. After it didn't dry up during a 90-degree day, we decided to investigate and sure enough we found a very minor leak.

We called the person who put in the sprinklers, but after a little more than a week without a call back, we decided to just see if we could fix it ourselves.

Turns out it was due to some of the blue epoxy stuff getting stuck in some threads. It wasn't hard to fix and now we can fill in the hole we dug. Just before writing this up I ran outside to take a quick photo of the hole/valves/etc. only to find that our digital camera is broken!!!! It worked just fine the last time _I_ used it, but I looked at the last few pictures actually taken with the camera and they were taken by one of our daughters. She, of course, plead innocent to charges of camera battery, but regardless, that stinks. We're heading off to my sister's wedding in a week, so our choices are to use our (very) old 1.2 megapixel digital camera, buy a new one, or use the Flip video camera we just got and basically eschew photo-taking.


Tomorrow's project, time permitting, is to finally install a "window" in the coop! We have everything we need: some Plexiglas, painted trim, tools/supplies. I've even drawn the outline of the hole we'll cut out. Also, I get to use the router (yay! finally). BUT, I have to leave to play ice hockey at 12:45PM so I'm not sure we'll get to it...

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