Monday, June 15, 2009

Coop Update

I love it when projects go smoothly and everything pretty much works as it should.

And that actually does describe the coop window project.

We really wanted to put in a window on the back of the coop so that we could increase the ventilation during the hotter months (and, yes, that way we can peek in without opening the egg door or entering the run).

The fun part of the project was getting to use my (early) father's day present: a router.

We bought a $3 piece of plexiglass (14" x 11") and then I cut out the opening in the back of the coop. I wasn't even done drilling the pilot holes for the jigsaw when CheepersV ran into the coop to investigate! So I had to close the birds out of the coop for the duration. After I cut out the opening, I routed out a "rabbit" in the back of the leftover coop trim, attached hardware screen to the inside of the coop, and voila!

The gap on the ends of the right-hand piece of trim is there because that part slides out to the right and a little wiggle room seemed to help.


Yes, that's our old camera... Our main camera is definitely broken.

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