Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I read about a call for submissions at a site I frequent and I finally got around to sending in an article today. My muse has been absent for months now, and I attribute that creative vacuum to my mostly dull job. It always seems that the more I'm working, the more I'm using my brain, the more I feel like I want to write. And that's when the better ideas come along.

So this article today is nothing great. In fact, I'd be a bit shocked if I get a call. No, I submitted it because I was so happy just to have written something. Also, I went with a different take on the subject, knowing that I would be competing with lots of "straight" submissions -- so that will either give mine a chance at standing out, or it will be an easy reject for the editors.

I'm still trying to geared up for writing the second book for my daughters. Last year for Nanowrimo, I wrote a book that I thought would really capture their imaginations. They liked it a lot and so this year I'll do a "sequel." I'm still toying with the idea of trying to publish the first one. There aren't a whole lot of fantasy books aimed at 7 - 9 year old girls.

One interesting issue is that my girls are growing up so fast, I won't be able to write many books for this age before they're off to the next stage of life. Better get to work!


See what I did there?

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  1. Hope your submission is accepted! There aren't very many really great fantasy books out there for kids in that age range, nevermind girls. My 8 year old boy struggles to find books that aren't Halo (violent!) or Harry Potter (too complicated!).