Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday at work, I overheard some people talking about the chickens they were raising in their yards. I know these two people. They don't live on farms. They live in the heart of the city. Turns out that several people here at work raise chickens, and the more I asked around and the more I read about it online, the more fascinated I became.

Suddenly, I'm considering raising chickens in my backyard. It's legal (no roosters!) where I live, and I know the kids would love it. I know my wife brought it up in the past, but I gave her the ol' "Heh, cool." noncommittal reply and considered the sticky situation sufficiently dodged.

Now I'm bringing it up to her:

<badgerpendous> hi
<sweetwife> hi
<badgerpendous> chickens!
<sweetwife> sigh

But raising chickens means a lot of work. And, to be more specific, it would mean a lot more work for me. My wife is too busy as it is. I feel bad that she doesn't have enough time to herself. But mostly, honestly, I think that's because I feel guilty -- I seem to have plenty of time...

So, watch this space -- who knows, in six months, I might be drinking egg nog, eating egg rolls, and making egg timers!


  1. an eggcellent decision for sure! we adore our poultry....just wait until you discover quail....and ducks.....and turkeys.......and emu!