Monday, January 12, 2009


I have a few goals this year. They are not really resolutions though, merely things I'm working toward -- things like raising the quality of the time I spend with my kids. Things like adding one or two workouts to my week and finishing several projects around the house/yard. Oh, and of course the Nanowrimo book.

Another goal is to assume more responsibility at my job. Some might call it "taking things to the next level" and they'd be right, but I'd still mock them for saying it.

Anyway, my boss is incredibly enthusiastic and helpful, a true enabler. Which would be good... If I could just get back to really loving my job. I'm close, I know I am, I can feel it brushing my fingertips. I'm trying to find ways to prolong the process so that I can stall until I'm happier. But my boss is a no nonsense person, so she's not having any of my BS.

The thing is, she's absolutely right. And if I don't step up, and soon, someone else will and then I'll really have a reason to be unhappy at work.

Depending on how things go, these next few weeks could be crazy.

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