Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Active, Exciting, Mysterious, and Dangerous Vacation!

My younger daughter's second grade teacher pulled me aside this morning as I waited in line with the rest of the parents and kids for the classroom door to open.

"I need to show you something."

Oh jeez, great. My mind immediately assumed the worst. What now? I wondered.

I don't like dealing with the teachers at school too much, I don't like the way they're always surprised to see a dad drop off a kid.

But today: good news. She wanted to show me the story my daughter wrote in class on Tuesday.

"You have to see this. She did a great job on her writing."

I said "Is it neat?" and the teacher said yes, but I think she meant neat like "interesting" where I meant neat like "I can read it?" because sometimes my daughter thinks faster than she can write and then all bets are off and the page ends up looking like something I wrote. (Which is bad. Another reason I'm not a fan of teachers, they were always down on my writing...)

But this story was neat and so was the writing, so it's all good.

The title of her story is: "My Active, Exciting, Mysterious, and Dangerous Vacation!"

Wow, I was with her just about every day of her vacation and I never once felt like I was in danger, so I'm thinking she's employing a little poetic license. I felt like the old lady at the diner in When Harry Met Sally -- "I'll have the vacation she had!"

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  1. that is exciting and mysterious! :D