Friday, January 23, 2009

What's That Bug Doing in My Cereal?

This morning I opened a brand new box of cereal (Smart Start, if you must know) and poured myself a nice bowl. I reached over to grab the milk and something caught my eye. A movement caught my eye. Yes, something was scurrying in my cereal bowl! A silverfish!

Of course, the kids just HAD to see it. My older daughter plugged her ears, of all things, upon seeing it and it took us several minutes to get her to eat her own bowl of (completely different) cereal. Of course, the younger daughter, or Salamander-Jo as I've been known to call her lately, thought it was the coolest.

I kept staring at it, wriggling around in the flakes. What to do? I wasn't really angry, but I sure as heck wasn't going to eat that new box of cereal.

"I know!" I shouted. "The chicks! They'll love a bug for breakfast!" I grabbed the bowl, ran over to the chicken's cage and scooped the bug right in there amongst the pine shavings.


Ok, so they aren't the most observant animals when they're young like this (<2 weeks). So I tossed in a flake or two from the bowl and the birds began trying to peck them. Much better! Suddenly, one of the chicks starts making these incredibly excited "Peep! Peep! peepeepeepeepeep!" noises and lunges down and grabs the bug!

Instantly the other other chicks converge, but it's too late, that bug is breakfast!

Now my daughters hope to find more bugs for them to eat. I just hope they don't find any inside the kitchen!


After the salamander in the armpit event, something reminded me of the "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" song as my wife and I were working in the back yard. So I sang "Just put a newt up your sleeve, Steve, and let yourself breathe..."

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